We practice sport with passion

Marathon, km 40, on the way to your personal best, at the limit – you have two possibilities – reduce speed and your personal best is gone, or you fight, you also overcome the last 5% of the course with your personal best time.

In the last 15 years I was participating at more than 20 Ironmans, many marathons and bike races and I was undergoing this situation very often. During many training sessions with the team or at the Tour de Tirol I followed the discussions of the athlethes obout their clothing very interrested. To me you are in a similar situation here. You are okay with the products on the market or you try to make it better.

To us it is very important to resume the feedback of the athletes and let it flow into our products. Color and design is a matter of taste, but the fuctions and features you notice immediately. We are not hunting the next fashion trend, we try to find the best materials, the best cuts and specials for our products.

JOLsport is passion and progress.

Martin Kaindl
Founder JOLsport

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